Hi, I'm Travis McCrea

I am a Canadian / American startup advisor

Having an idea is easy, executing your idea on the other hand can be a nightmare. How do you get someone to build a website or app for you, if you don't even know what you need? How do you seek out funding? How much of your business should you give up?

These are questions that I am asked daily from my clients. They know what they want to do, but they have no idea on how to properly execute the idea and in startup land an idea is worth nothing, the execution is what has value. I fix your problems, introduce you to the right people and help you get the press you need for your startup.

I am a designer, web developer, computer scientist, businessman, and customer service specialist. Between my extensive skillset and the skillsets in my network, whatever it is your startup needs to grow I can make it happen. I build brands that people remember, that people become loyal to, and that grow big.

My goal isn't to change the world, it's my actions that change the world. I am always looking for new clients who are ready to do something big. You can email me at me@travismccrea.com and we can discuss adding you as a client.

Let's be awsome together,

Travis McCrea